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Go to a place where you can learn, discover, try and immerse yourself in Wellbeing Experiences.

Discover Seminars & Workshops, Explore the lounges with experiences such as complimentary pampering and health checks, 70+ Exhibitors from a range of Industries including Health, Wealth, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Food & Wine and so much more to discover, only at 'All About You' Expo.

2018 Shows

Who are we?

'All About You' Expo is a Wellbeing & Personal Development Experience, open to everyone! 

  • Learn & develop new and existing skills, Immerse yourself in experience lounges hosted by a range of businesses relevant to your wellbeing, happiness and lifestyle. See, feel, discover, smell, hear and taste all they have to offer. 
  • Try a dance class, or perhaps learn tips and tricks to wealth creation within one of our 60+ Seminars and Workshops. 
  • Complimentary Showbags for the first 1000 through the door

Discover more at 'All About You', Regional Wellbeing Expo, where there is an experience for everyone.

The 'All About You' Expo focuses on:

WELLBEING – Physical Health, Exercise, Weight Loss, Yoga, Dance, Movement, Food, Supplements, Massage, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Doctors, Dentists, Nutrition, Personal Trainers, Beauty, Pain Management, Inner Health, Relationships, Psychic, Reiki, Meditations, Personal Transformation, Energy work, Connections, Emotional Support, Counselling, Spiritual Guidance, Wealth Management, Food, Wine, Entrepreneurship, Business Health, Business Development, Finance, Travel, Networking, IT, Publishing, Intellectual Property, Banking, Business Coaching, Training, Shares, Property and much more

Check out the 2018 dates below!

Seminars & Classes   

Complimentary Seminars and Classes running throughout each show! Discover and try Fitness Classes, Personal Development Courses, Meditation and more!

40-130 Exhibitors

From a range of industries relevant to YOU including health, wellness, beauty, fashion, personal development, spirituality, food and more! 

Showbags & Free Entry!

Complimentary Showbags for the first 1000 patrons through the door at each show! 

Immerse the public in your brand & allow them to discover your business

Information on Exhibiting
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